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Are You Stressing Out Your Skin and Hair?

Pimples before a party? Gray hairs from your kids? Is your boss making your hair fall out? Yes, it is all possible according to researchers. Stress can cause problems for both your skin and hair.

Stress causes cortisol levels in the body to increase. Cortisol is a chemical that helps regulate our body systems, such as blood pressure, during stress. Cortisol can increase oil production and lead to acne. Stress can also contribute to patchy hair loss on the scalp or beard. When the hair grows back, it may be gray.

Stress can be caused by more than just heightened emotions. Physical stress such as pregnancy, injury, or disease can contribute to skin and hair problems as well. Dr. Flor Mayoral, a dermatologist, suggests keeping tabs on your stress level and building relaxation into your schedule. Exercise is a great stress reliever, as is quiet time listening to music, meditating, or reading a book. If you experience persistent skin and hair problems, relax. Treatment from your dermatologist is just a phone call away.

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